Six Reasons Why A Creative Agency Matters

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We are all on a life path. In terms of work, the goal is to have that path lead us to a career we are passionate about. We want a career that is both fulfilling and successful. The only problem is, many of us don’t know the best way to achieve this goal. We are told to simply “follow our passion” and the rest will come. However, that isn’t exactly the way it works. The path to fulfillment takes a lot of time and even more hard work. Many people don’t even discover what they want until it is too late. Thankfully, in today’s world, following your passion is becoming easier. With a growing excitement around entrepreneurship and the idea of “startups,” the market is becoming flooded. So the question becomes, in such a competitive and growing field, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? The answer is exactly that, be different. You must be different from the other companies in a way that makes you truly unique. The differentiating factor needs to be something personal, something you care about, and something that drives you every single day to do what you do.

I have a background in creative services with the first endeavor being a creative film company. I chose not to focus on short films or Hollywood stuff, but directly targeted startups, cause-based industries, and athletics. While this was great and the business was thriving, I found myself offering business advice to companies after noticing their branding didn’t match the video that I was creating for them. This gave me a thought. Why not hep companies look better not just on film, but on their website and brand. While the idea was good, I was restricted by the fact that my first company had the word “films” at the end of it. This realization eventually led to the launch of a second endeavor with my brother. It became a design firm focused on creating websites for small businesses which was an excellent complement to the film business and vice versa. After running each company for a few years we found clients were becoming confused as to who was doing the work. This was due to emails being sent from both of our companies to the same client. These companies want just one “vendor” to deal with. Additionally, we found that we were still giving strategy advice, and starting to realize that print, design, strategy, and media all co-align to create a cohesive brand. We made the mistake of putting “design” in the second company’s name, further pigeon holing ourselves into doing only design when we were so much more than that.

Through our work, we have found that most companies processes, even down to the websites, are terribly inefficient. This is because a lot of companies focus on what they do best, doing solely what they need to do to get the company up and running. However, with the growing digital market, it is becoming a lot harder to get noticed. The key is to create a brand and an image that everybody across platforms and mediums can align with. Take Apple for example. They are the company they are today not just because they have created great products, but because they have built an ecosystem and a community centered around their brand. This spans across their commercials, to print, to web, and products.

Many people say that you should focus on one thing, do it well, and find success that way, rather than spreading yourself too thin. However, what if, in our case, our one thing is helping companies show the world who they are in the most humanway possible. While we may offer many different services, and some might consider that a bad thing, we believe it helps brands stay consistent. Ultimately, we decided to launch a creative agency that leverages all of our talents and experience into one place to create true impact.

Here are the 6 reasons we wanted to do everything in house:

Creative Freedom

Creativity is a very delicate balance of function and beauty. How can we show an idea in a way that aligns with the masses while ensuring it doesn’t look like the rest? Our goal is to take your brand and what it stands for and make it more powerful. While we are always open for collaborating with other creatives, we wanted to create a company that gave us the creative freedom to develop our own ideas, no matter the canvas.

A Chance to Be Daring

Brands are usually restricted by guidelines, rules, and expectations that limit the ability to create what some deem impossible. To be original, it takes courage, acknowledgment of potential failure, and the drive to do what nobody else has ever done. We don’t want to be restricted by others, but want our own space to where we are able to push conventional boundaries. Creativity takes guts, entrepreneurship takes brains, and we have both.

Branding is Universal

The world interacts differently than it did as recent as two years ago. People are constantly on their phones and watches, checking social media, the news, and websites. Our culture is becoming one where we are constantly connected to each another. How people interact with your brand across these mediums makes a difference. By using a creative agency, you are able to present a unified brand across all platforms. When you are clear about who you are what you stand for consumers will be less likely to seek other companies out of confusion.

Companies Want One Place

Echoing the idea of universal branding, companies want to work with one vendor who understands their message. There are a few reasons why this is the case. For one, a company does not have to explain their mission, plan, and wishes to multiple people. This saves extra meetings, emails, calls, contracts, paperwork, and most importantly, time. The other reason is the key to making the most efficient product, physical or digital, is to shorten the feedback loop. Doing so will streamline communication to one vendor instead of multiple, allowing changes and decisions to be made more quickly, products launch and consumers to buy. With multiple vendors, this loop gets extended and projects either stall or get delayed, impacting the customer and ultimately the image of the company.

Broad but Focused

We may be broad in the services we offer, but we are laser focused in every single area of branding we offer. Many of these services are closely aligned with one another and the most important part is the strong connection between them. For example, by creating a strong connection between a film and an app, you create a unified vision and voice for the company. Creating the best possible product is important to us and the constant interaction and work that it takes to make something great isn’t taken lightly. Creativity is not something to be rushed. We never think to ourselves “that is good enough,” so we can move on to the next project or component of the process. We are constantly asking ourselves, how can we make this better? We are focused on making each product the best it can be, and believe that building bridges between the products is the most important part to building a strong brand ecosystem.

Impactful by Immersion

Creativity when it comes to working with a company is a relationship. Relationships are built on trust. We believe that the best way to create something great is to fully immerse ourselves into your world. This includes getting to know your brand, your employees, your products, your market, and you! This gives us perspective. The better we know you, the better we can make the product. The development of new products from the creative side involves a relationship between the client and the vendor. We always want to know what you think of the product, regardless of whether you like it or not. This relationship and comfort level is difficult for most, but it allows us to build the best possible product that truly represents your company.

We are a bunch of creatives that wanted to do something different. We wanted to take a risk and instead of joining other companies, wanted to create something for ourselves. Our bold courage and our unrelenting pursuit of beauty drives us each and every day to create products that matter, products that last, and products that change the world. We are not content with stagnation. We do not believe that mediocrity is ok. There is always work to be done, questions to be asked, and ideas to be developed. By constantly pushing ourselves to be better and by constantly questioning the world around us, we can make the world a better place.

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Steve Cassingham

The Power of Story for Brand Growth

Stories remain to be one of the most important pieces of society. Throughout history, stories have been a way for cultures to pass on values, ideas, and concepts. While there are many mediums to share stories in today’s culture, the principle remains the same: make it memorable. So what makes a story a memorable and why is it paramount in modern marketing?

The Hero’s Journey

Many are familiar with the hero’s journey. The idea that a protagonist must overcome an antagonist, whether it be a person, a challenge, or an internal struggle. When we feel close to the hero, we want to cheer them on to success and we feel empathy. This is extremely powerful because it means that we care about what happens to the hero, which encourages us to see the journey through to the end. Stories usually have a climax at the end which is the culmination of the buildup and ultimately the lesson learned by the hero. If you were told the result of this climax at the beginning of the story, you probably wouldn’t care as much about the story. This is because it takes time to develop a certain level of care for the story and the characters within it.

Stories in Modern Marketing

In today’s culture, we are constantly surrounded by brands, marketing, and media. More time is spent in front of a screen than ever before and most of that time is spent being exposed to brands. Traditional marketing with short one-liners and a sales pitch are not as effective as they used to be. This is because people do not care. Brands have lost touch with the consumer while chasing the bottom line. While growth and sales are important, the strategy and building a loyal audience is crucial. When a person cares about a brand and the journey that they are on, it is hard not to cheer for the success of the company. This simple concept, while more complicated to implement, is the key to driving sustained growth for years to come.

Implementing Stories Into Your Brand

To put it simply, share your story. Building a company and a brand is not always fun and games. There are struggles, challenges, deadlines, and decisions that have to be made. While it might be tempting to only share the successes, sharing the journey of the ups and downs is the game-changing strategy. This doesn’t mean that you should suddenly try to publish on every platform available (if you can, do it) but make a conscious decision to be more thoughtful in what you are creating for the current platforms you use.

Take a step back from your brand and look at the goals you are trying to accomplish, the mission of the company, and where you visualize the company in the years to come. Take that vision and craft a story around it. Who are the characters? What is the big challenge that you are trying to overcome? What lessons can be learned along the way?

Take these answers and implement it into everything that you share. Before posting, writing, or recording, think about if what you are doing will help push that story along. Then take that content and integrate that thinking into everything you design, write, and say. Over time, you may find that you are now the protagonist that everybody is rooting for to win.

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